Saturday Science Fiction Scenes

I finally saw The Martian yesterday.  Matt Damon spends a few months driving along the Martian landscape, but unlike hunter gatherers of yore on Earth, Matt drives through the barren Martian landscape.  So what kind of living thing MIGHT be there?

The radiation on the Martian surface is so strong that nothing would survive unless it was specially adapted, and even that is almost inconceivable.  Water, however, might exist in an unfrozen state in deeper caverns.  This water, a relic of Martian oceans from long ago, could harbor life, so for this science fiction scene I present the giant salamanders of Earth.


This one is from southeast Asia, but there are also large ones which live in Mexico.


And in China last week one was found which was almost 200 years old.  The beast lived peacefully in a cave since George Washington’s era.  Really big thing in cave

So Matt Damon should have used some sort of echo radar to detect Martian caves, and then found one with passages which lead to water.  Another idea is he could have used some H2O detectors which could find small streams of water molecules in the atmosphere, and from those vapor trails followed them in a search for caves.

Until next Saturday Science Fiction Scene!

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